Awareness of the use of electronic products: Marriage Solution Bd

Parents who are more addicted to electronic things have later developmental problems in their children. Not being able to adapt to the changing environment, inattention, laziness - these children are stuck inside.
If parents do not give their children enough time, it is too late for them to learn. Studies have shown that parents of children who are addicted to TV or smartphones take longer to develop their children's language skills.

Not only do parents need to stay away from them, but they also need to make sure that their children stay away from them. Especially until they are two years old, they should be kept away from TV, smartphones.
Children should also be kept away from the combination of different languages, as their unorganized brains become hesitant. The task of teaching the language also becomes time-consuming and difficult.

Sleeping schedule

The brain function of growing children depends on the amount of sleep they get. Children who go to bed at the right time have more learning ability and attention than those who go to bed at irregular times.
A team of researchers in England recently published such information.

But in most families, there is no set time for children to sleep. This problem is especially prevalent in our joint families. The home environment should therefore be created in such a way that the child's sleep is not disturbed.
To ensure a good future for your child, you need to know how to nurture him. He needs to be aware of his realities and limitations so that he can mentally prepare himself to survive in a world that is constantly changing. The things you use and teach are the path to his next life.