Make your child a friend during adolescence: Marriage Solution Bd

As murder and crime continue to rise around the world, so does the involvement of the younger generation. So is there any mistake or malpractice in child rearing? Or is there any other reason behind it?

Every parent has nothing bigger than their child. Adar's little child started to grow slowly by walking And at the same time the dream of the parents continues to grow with the child But at a particular time in the mid dle of the child's growing up, due to some negligence or unawareness of the parents, the child may get involved in criminal activities, which can shatter the dreams of the parents or the family before they are properly understood.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like adolescence aint for me either. That is, from adolescence to adulthood Usually 10 to 19 years or teen-age is considered as puberty According to psychologists, at this age, the human brain undergoes brainwashing or reconstruction. Experts also say that at this age, adolescents cannot control their emotions because of these changes in body and mind.
So much happens at this stage of adolescence, but did we, who grew up in ordinary families in countries like Bangladesh and India, know much about it? At that time, there was a tendency among us to keep ourselves a little hidden from everyone. A long time ago, I remember that I did not want to play with my little ones. On the other hand, the elders did not allow us to participate in their stories.
Neither small nor big 7 Then we should not fall into any group What a helpless situation.

At this age, girls may be a little easier than boys Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.
And I think that even in the 21st century, the clothes and manners of Bangladeshi or Indian boys and girls have touched Europe and America, but there is still no mentality to talk directly to the family about the problems of adolescence. Talking to today's teenage boys and girls, at least that's what I had in mind

Adolescence is an important time in life, but it is very clear in Germany Boys and girls of this age are made aware of important issues like sex education and drug use in schools.
Moreover, by raising my child, I have seen that the parents of this country, however, talk openly with their children, mingling with the child like a friend. Otherwise, the German parents know very well that it is difficult to reach the child's mind Not only that, they are also looking for their friends

And yes, I also like that they eat at least one meal a day with everyone in the family.
Some family rules, however, are stricter In other words, it is compulsory for everyone to be present at the table at the same time In this way, it is possible to talk openly about all issues through laughter and jokes In fact, there is no way for any of us to deny that parents are the child's first teacher, right?

Moreover, it cannot be said that the needs of adolescent boys and girls are different.
So maybe among Germans, mothers try to be friends with teenage girls and fathers with boys. Girls of this age are very interested in buying and selling So mother and daughter can be seen shopping happily on holidays It can be seen that they are spending time together all day long The goal is the same 7 to take the news of the girl's mind On the other hand, father and son go together to watch a football game or any other adventure.
Moreover, it is not just the young boys and girls who talk freely in the family. Their relationship with the teachers is quite friendly. One of my school teachers, a German neighbor, said that the boys and girls openly told her about their anger, sadness, resentment, and even about their parents. But not within the boundaries of the school, but when they go to sports or travel, then 7 This helps teachers to understand the causes of students' inattention or depression in their studies.
If necessary, the teachers share the issues with the families of the students

Most people involved in criminal activities ranging from drug addiction to rape, cybercrime or militancy are in their teens or older. This fact has become a matter of great panic at the present time Studies of adolescents have also shown that hormonal changes in adolescents can affect boys and girls.
Hormonal changes during adolescence leave boys and girls so confused that many of them want to do something 'risky'.
A teenager needs his parents and family the most at this risky and important time. Moreover, is there anything bigger than a family bond? So I think it's important to avoid marital discord and keep the home environment beautiful, just as it is important to mix with the child as a friend. Because if you keep the news in your mind, maybe you can keep the child away from criminal activities and develop him as a worthy person!