What not to do if you are a parent? Marriage Solution Bd

Extra surveillance:

Some parents play a very active role in all the activities of the child. This is mainly due to extra anxiety for the child, in some cases their own frustration and controlling attitude. This can lead to an inferiority complex in the baby. After a few years, when that child is supposed to behave as a full-fledged human being, he is still dependent on the decisions of others.

Excessive pressure:

‘You can’t do anything’ or ‘Everyone can, why can’t you’’ these words have been heard by almost everyone. It is said to provoke the child's inner stubbornness a little more. Here too a mistake is made. No parent should compare his own child with another's child. We forget that the child is a different entity, he will not be like everyone else. When we try to persuade a child to do something good, we weaken him, and that is what happens. He is disappointed Parental behavior can create distance between children. Drugs can take refuge from disgust towards oneself. Many times these children also become stubborn.

Excessive work:

It is not right to think that the child will be more energetic in the future if he works harder, studies and plays a lot since childhood. This does not apply to all children. A lot of the time I try to keep the children busy by making them work extra hard, tying the child's life to a difficult schedule. Infants who have set foot in childhood later become lethargic, have a strong reluctance to work and are stubborn. Understand the child and adjust his or her level of hard work based on his or her abilities.

Imposing personal opinion:

One should not be guided by personal beliefs or opinions. Many of us have faced many kinds of problems in life, all kinds of experiences; That is why it is not right to capitalize on that experience. For example, if you got up very early in the morning as a child, your reading would be very good; So it is not right to assume that your child will read in the same way. Again, if you are very picky, you can't trust someone else.This will also affect your child. This may cause your child to become dissatisfied with his work or lose interest in any work.