When is the marital relationship divorced?

Divorce is always one of the most disliked things, but if you have to be compelled, then there is nothing to do.

There is no greater curse for a child than a broken family. Many people think that if you have a child, maybe the family will be fine.
The decision about whether or not to give is a whole one. Don't take anyone's advice on your personal. In fact, the relationship between husband and wife is an emotional relationship. If you think it is not possible, then decide.

I still can't tell everyone without hesitation that I am divorced. Those who ask how is your husband. Shall I say without hesitation that I am divorced?
Divorced, you can't sing it. If you get married, if you can say that I'm married, why can't you say it? Of course, tell the truth. There is nothing to hide your skin. Maybe they are well known so nothing of the day.

I am 28 years old I am the mother of a 4 year old son Mother Saraswati Puja of the Students Union 2000 Family Family Mentally I was now a part of the court hall of a completely devastated mind My admiration and nothing comes but to go and sit there

I don't understand what I will see in my mind. I can't go back in life. I can't move forward. What can I do? Our separation is mainly due to my husband. Please tell me the solution.
You can't go back to the past, but you can rearrange your life if you want, because the family doesn't just depend on the wife, it doesn't depend on the husband. What has happened to so many big divorces?

You have a son for you. You start your life anew. Create your own identity. Take a job below. Go to God. Cry to Him. Nothing. We pray for you that he is gone. You go ahead with the child. Never feel alone. Stay in Parliament for the welfare of the Foundation. You will be inspired to start a new life.