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Marriage is the best relationship in the world. Marriage is the solution to marital strife. But a few days after the marriage, the family breaks up, the husband and wife quarrel, which leads to the difficult word "divorce" and this divorce is a word that does not take time to ruin every halal relationship. It takes three months to get married but it takes three minutes to decide on divorce and these three minutes have finished a life. The level of divorce has increased a lot in our society nowadays, why this level has increased, let's know some important things.

1. Working on you - [Method 1]:

  • Stay positive: 

Husband and wife start a new inning of life after marriage, with all of them the sense of family responsibility increases. At this time both of them have to be on the right thinking. After marriage, there is a different environment for the wife, new responsibilities, along her relationship with her mother-in-law. At this time the husband should give his wife love and time. If this relationship can be done properly from the beginning, there is no possibility of divorce if the thoughts are positive.

  • Listen to your partner:

After marriage, the two environments are different for the bride and groom, their sense of responsibility increases. The most important thing for both of them for the welfare of the world is to build the right relationship with each other. The mind and humanity of the bride and groom must be one. Especially the humanity of giving concessions. You have to give two discounts, but you can't give more discounts. And if you can fix this combination, there is a lot of hope that the conflict will break down.

  • Be flexible:

You can always be positive. If there is a tendency of doubt between the two in the world, then the quarrel starts, and if this quarrel is not resolved, in the end, it leads to separation. So keep the mind-humanity alive and vibrant. The minds of the two will not be the same for a long time, so it is necessary to adapt to the dominance of each other's minds.

  • Practice healthy communication:

In our society, it is often seen that the bride and groom talk to each other differently. It was seen that the wife addresses the son-in-law as you and the son-in-law address the wife as you or you. That’s not right, it turns out you both want to talk, and you have to get into the habit of talking. Many times it was seen that one of the two was less educated than the other, then the way of speaking was also different. So the two of them need to get in the habit of speaking in the right combination.

  • Balance your time

Time needs to be evaluated properly. There is no interest in the time of son and daughter before marriage. He can do whatever he wants. According to the rules, work, chat, food, everything has the impression of a time defaulter. After marriage, it is seen that the responsibility falls on the bride and groom, at that time they have to abide by everything. The value of time will then be understood. Working according to the rules, making time for the earth, everything has to be done properly because of maintaining the balance of time. So we have to be careful with time.

  • Stay loyal to your spouse

One thing must always be observed, after marriage, whatever the wife is, she is always right. You need to know how to love, give time and take care of it. If she can do these things then the women of the world will be very happy, her husband's devotion and a different feeling will be born. If the husband can always be loyal to his wife, there will be no unrest in the family, and the word divorce will not come.

How to avoid divorce

2. Accepting Your Partner - [Method2]:

  • Focus on your partner’s good quality:

Husband and wife must have all kinds of qualities to run the family. Good and bad should be discussed together, good and bad should be appreciated. The key to building a happy family is to prioritize your own decisions without listening to anyone else in the world. The wife's qualities must be shared with others, and she must be loved in front of everyone by discussing her husband's good deeds.

  • Empathize with your partner:

There are many problems in the family of husband and wife. Many family members often feel discouraged because of some slanderous remarks, or because of insults to relatives. So husband and wife should keep their relationship right without listening to this. If someone says something, the solution will be to sit straight, not behind someone.

3. Working Together - [Method3]:

  • Revitalize your physical life:

At present, the main reason for divorce is the lack of meeting the physical needs of the husband and wife. Lack of full satisfaction of the wife during intercourse often leads to discord between the two. As a result, the wife may mix with the man after a long time, which can make up for the lack of dissatisfaction of the husband. Physical intercourse is part of the exercise, it stimulates the mind of humanity. So it is the best practice for both husband and wife and can make a happy married life.

  • Identify what needs to change:

After marriage husband and wife are trying to change their some important habit. What needs to be changed, what changes will bring happiness in the world must be properly planned. If someone feels bad about something, he has to change bad things. Many times this bad habit causes quarrels in the family. So what changes need to be made.

  • Talk about your dreams and desires:

We need to talk openly about the dreams and hopes of our husbands and wives. The husband's dream is to give an idea of what he wants to do in the future, what to do for him, what kind of plan to do for him, in many cases, the wife has to give up humanity, and they do it to keep the family together. So both of them have to pay attention to their hopes and needs.

best tips how to avoid divorce

  • Think about your kids:

The family formation is successful with the arrival of new guests. Many couples refrain from planning to have children even when they are busy because they do not have the humanity to give up. Happiness in a family is temporary, not permanent. Every couple dreams of having a child, everyone wants to be a parent. The family becomes full only if there can be children in the family after marriage. So you have to think deeply about this and take the child with the right decision of both of you, but it is better not to put pressure on anyone. As a result, there is no possibility of divorce.

  • Strengthen your connection with your spouse:

One of the reasons for divorce is the lack of a strong relationship between husband and wife. In the family, the wife and husband are busy with their own work and cannot give enough time. There is a lot to do, but not much to do. After your busy schedule, you need to give both of you time to work. A husband-wife relationship should be strong in the family. If one gives enough time to establish this strong relationship then there will be no problem between the two in the family, there will be no fear of divorce.

  • Be open to change & Seek counseling:

Every human being is changeable. Your husband and wife are the same, after marriage, it was seen that the behavior of the husband or wife is the same, after a while, it was seen that his behavior is different. If his behavior is bad, the reason for breaking up the family, explain to him, suggest a change. If you don't, the behavior gets worse, he gets divorced. Remember to give everyone a chance to have a bad time, explain to him, stay with him. Advise how to do it, explain it to someone else in the family if necessary. Then everything will be fine, the rate of divorce in every family around the world will be reduced.

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A proper and fresh mindset is needed to form a family. The future of the family and the child should be taken care of hand in hand with each other without harboring discord between husband and wife. Violence, arrogance, and bad behavior towards everyone in the family should be given up. The wife should be kept in love, mentally and physically strong, the husband should keep a good mind and think about the world by eliminating unnecessary habits. For the happiness of the family, only by having good relations and friendly behavior with the father, mother, wife, and child, life and family life can be successful in both places, with no difficult decision like divorce in the family. May every family be in an absolute touch of happiness and peace.