Husband and wife will not be motivated by consciousness:

I am the only control graduate between our husband and wife here. Now I am the only pro-active. It is possible to maintain a family harmony but it is difficult to tolerate its negative behavior.

We found that in 99% of cases, the wife was able to persuade the husband about the course. In fact, women can easily influence the soft and hard.
More such water can pass through any place effortlessly but cannot be hardened from Rangpur branch.

Even if they are accused, if they get encouragement from their husbands to do good deeds to motivate their wives, they will respond easily. Marital life is not for a few days, but for five to ten years. You will go. By leaving.

We want a lot of advice from our wife, but we don't know what to do.

It should be clear what benefit the wife has in the mass movement. If there is a change like yours, the wife will definitely come. In fact, the change after Quantum is very important. You did it, but the change did not come.

Do not refrain from oppressing others. Another person will not be affected by you. No matter the same.

If your outlook on life changes after using a condom, then your family will be affected. How much your change is happening? Your wife will not be able to love anyone for your family.

If you are certified by the family authority, you are a good person, you are really good.
People, therefore, may not have changed much in your life because your wife is not doing the course yet.

Bring change in yourself in the light of Quantum Consciousness. Bring change in yourself. Then the people around you will be interested in each other's change. We thank God. I want to spread it all over the society.

I don't have any shortage but I am reluctant to ask my husband for the money coming to the Quantum program. I don't want to take money from him. He will give me guidance on whether I want to do any business or not.
In fact, I do not agree with the point of view of any hesitation in taking money from the husband. First of all, it is clear from your words that you have enough money in the city. If you don't know, you have to cook and feed.
The wife has no responsibilities here. Thirdly, even if she does not disobey the most real religion, the work that a woman usually does for her is no less important to the government, but sometimes it is not possible to do it due to time constraints.
Husband is working 8 hours office but wife is working 24 hours. As the wife is managing the house, the husband is coming from outside and getting hot food.

 The man is looking at the child and says that he does not have to think about the child, but he has a lot of waist. He is doing the grooming only to raise the child. That is why many mothers should be given allowance from the state.
And the financial need for the child I do not have to work outside can help with the full development of the child because the child from birth to birth carelessness can destroy the nation.

Therefore, you are not able to do it because you are spending time at home without respecting the responsibilities of the house. Do not hesitate to ask your husband for money. There is no need to contact you to ask for a little money.
Never try to explain to the wife because the relationship with the wife is not meant to be related to the wife's love. If the high friend can't influence him, then you don't want to explain it to him with as much logic. Why would you fail but try to apply the lessons of your own life.
As you have said that serving you will prove to be completely believable and unbelievable. Like you have become fully pro active, can you smile, can you stay calm when he shouts? If he can, he must understand what you believe.
In other words, you have to change yourself in such a way that everyone thinks of the phone when they see you.

Then you will be impressed by the people around you in sarees. Your wife will flow at the end of it all, then she will think, well, now everyone is saying, then let's see.
Uncle you may have followed the third year deen learning tips of Quantum Method. That means I love you wife before and after you leave the house. If you say no, then you are bringing your girlfriends with you.

Hey, never argue with your wife, don't argue because we are going to argue with your wife, so it is very important not to argue.
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) always said to refrain from clear arguments about debaters. He says, when you realize what is going to go wrong. Then if you are silent then Allah will build a house for you you know he is also arguing about it. Even then if you refrain from the judge then he will not take a story for you. If you try to purify yourself, try to be a good person. Thank you sincerely for warning people.
When you realize that someone is trying to argue about something wrong, then if you avoid arguing in silence, Allah will make a house for you at the end.

And if you know that you are true but the opponent has argued about it, then even if you refrain from arguing. Then he will make a house for you in the middle of prostration.
And if you try to purify yourself, try to be a good person sincerely, then he will make a boon for you at the top again.

Therefore, the answer to the question is to go to Korea. An intelligent person can never argue and arguing with his wife is the only fool.