Suspicion of spouse:

In student life until college we boys and girls studied together.

I have been married for 17 years and are 100 percent faithful to my husband, but my husband is suspicious of me when I am suddenly meet and talk to any of your boyfriends.
It hurts me a lot to treat me strangely. I am  trying to explain to him meditation but I never talk about reality anymore.
In fact, when I meet someone, how can I explain to him that he cannot be avoided?
There are many men or women who are skeptical. She considers her wife or husband as her property and looks at the money talking to someone else with suspicion.

 It is a kind of mental illness. This may or may not be the case with your husband.

However, in this case, you have to be aware that if you do not meet with the person you meet with each other, it goes high, but you can not be happy by disturbing the house, so if possible, avoid the relationship completely.

And when you meet your classmates, talk to them in front of your husband in a simple way and introduce him to your husband.

You have to trust your husband 100 percent to do the work of the block. Then he has that suspicion because he is not 100 percent sure about it.

Bring the husband to the command center and explain

 You are the real members of the opportunity to have full faith in yourself. Trying to convince him, but everything is fine.
As long as the family is not able to produce ideal children, the social system will never be favorable.

Any change in society will come from the family, from the individual. When the individual changes, the family, when the family changes, the society, when the society changes, the state.

From top to bottom never changes.

Therefore the family plays the most important role here.