What should the mother's diet be like during pregnancy?

A mother should eat more food during pregnancy. It is important for the mother to eat a balanced diet such as eating more fish and chicken in protein.

Omega 3 fatty acids come in a month to protect against eye diseases. Women need to increase their carbohydrate intake during pregnancy because carbohydrates and energy sources are available. Meat, milk and eggs should be eaten regularly.
Milk is a good source of calcium.

The demand for red blood cells during pregnancy increases to 45. Towards the end, the old man starts storing iron in his body. They store iron for six months after birth, so if he does not take enough iron, then he may become anemic.

In addition, the mother's diet requires a certain amount of iodine. Zinc and folic acid are available during pregnancy. Animal proteins are available which prevent miscarriage and increase the weight of the baby.
From the time you plan to conceive, you can take it as a supplement to Poly every day. Many times Iron Vitamin Supplement may not be required. You need to drink plenty of water at that time.

My eldest daughter had a handicapped baby and the baby died ten days later.

Thus again the girl is going to be a mother for three months.
But it always means that there is always fear and panic that if this time the child is the same as before, I don't know what to do with the fear that he is becoming mentally ill.

Many mothers who have a child with a disability have given birth to a healthy baby later. In fact, our negativity is our main problem because we have seen that the first child has had a caesarean section and the second has a normal delivery.
But the general idea is to pray regularly for a healthy normal child.

InshaAllah it will be so.

Usually we focus on the problem and not on the solution. You need to think about what you want to solve. It's better to think about what you want, then the bad will be left out. The outlook on life is very important.

Pay attention to your pictures that my baby will be healthy.

Thank God I have conceived. Now the question is whether there is any shortcut to meditation during pregnancy.

As long as you can meditate, there is no need to stress too much. Always listen to good words during pregnancy. Listen to the autosuggestions. Listen to the good words of your biography.
Then the child will be influenced by beautiful thoughts because the child will learn to understand everything from the day to the day of forgetfulness.

How can children be a good role model?
The child needs to be nurtured. Why is there so much instability in our children from old age because the child-bearing girls do not have much physical and mental needs? When the child is born, the mother has some physical and mental changes and difficulties. If you recover quickly, the quarrel will not be provoked. The quarrel and the tension will have an effect on the child.

Therefore, those who are going to be mothers will see the mind picture and want the child of the share, but more important than the appearance is that the child is a good person, this mind picture shows the great man can remember.
Tell him how good he is. Tell him to have a beautiful voice. Read more scriptures. Read more good books, especially biographies. Children will be affected. An artist is like painting. You should refrain from all kinds of quarrels and gossip and cooperate with everyone in the family.
Researchers have found that the fetus can feel it at times by thinking and the girls understand that the study found that the fetus jumps on the sudden loud sound of the drum, repeatedly kicking the mother's belly, stimulates her and then calms down by listening to light music.

Taima speaks to the unborn baby as the language of the time can receive sound waves fresh stimulates the growth and development of her brain.
Follow the doctor's advice without neglecting any physical difficulties during pregnancy. Do not take any treatment without doctor's advice at this time. Keep the polluted environment away from contaminated food, keep your mind away from polluted thoughts and any alternative to meditation to keep the mind good and calm. Studies have shown that those who relax in the mother's womb have better blood flow to their uterus, so relax and meditate.