Best 12 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy- Marriage solution BD


Pregnancy is the most beautiful period of a girl's life. During motherhood, a girl gradually becomes a mother from a girl. During this time every girl goes through some new physical and mental experiences.


Pregnancy, also known as gestation, is the time during which one or more children grow.

Pregnancy is a term used to report the period of evaluation of a fetus inside a woman's womb or uterus. Pregnancy normally lasts 40 weeks or just over 9 months, surveyed from the last menstrual period to delivery.

What should mothers do for childbirth during pregnancy?

Many recent studies have shown that when a baby is in the womb, it listens to each thing and understands everything. The mother's thoughts are very much affected. At this time the mother should think that whether she has a child or a daughter, extra work is not fruitful.
Our families, moreover, the husband and wife's condom graduates, from the birth of their child onwards, shout in a hushed voice.

 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy


1. Eat healthy foods:

It is a common thing to eat healthily and live a healthy life. During pregnancy, it is much more important because at that time a woman is growing a baby in her womb.

This time baby needs nutrients to grow healthy and strong inside. Women should eat a lot of rich fruits and vegetables, whole grains, calcium-rich foods, and foods low in saturated fat.

2. Take a daily prenatal vitamin:

Women should be taking a daily prenatal multivitamin because It can help ensure they get the right amount of the key nutrients they and their baby need during pregnancy. These restrain folic acid, iron, and calcium.

3. Stay hydrated

Water is a very major element for our body. Our body contains 70-80 percent water. So it is very important to drink enough water during pregnancy. this time woman's body needs more water, this time woman should take eight or more cups each day.

4. Go to your prenatal care checkups

This time Women should get constant prenatal care from a health care provider. A mother who doesn’t get regular prenatal care is much more likely to have a baby with low birth weight or other problems. If available, consider group prenatal care.

5. Avoid some foods.

During the pregnancy period, a woman should avoid some special food, that is:

  • Raw or rare meats
  • Liver, sushi, raw eggs (also in mayonnaise)
  • Soft cheeses (feta, brie)
  • Unpasteurized milk

Raw and unpasteurized animal products can source food poisoning. Some fish, even when cooked, can be dangerous to a growing child because they’re high in mercury.

6. Don’t drink alcohol

Alcohol is too much harmful to the human body. So pregnant women should avoid this. Because it can damage the womb.

7. Don’t smoke.

Smoking is unhealthy for a mother and her unborn child. It grows the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), premature birth, miscarriage, and other poor outcomes.

8. Get moving

Many people have this misconception that you should not move too much during pregnancy. But the truth is that heavy work should be avoided at this time, but normal exercise can be done, and it must be done according to the doctor's advice.

9. be careful about flu

During the pregnancy period, the flue is too harmful to the mother and unborn child. The flu shot can protect you from crucial illness and help protect your baby after birth, too. inquire your doctor about taking flu shots.

10. Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is big medicine for living a healthy life. Sleep is great medicine for living a healthy life. Pregnant women should get 7 to 9 hours of sleep. The cause of sleep is important for her and her baby. Try sleeping on your left side to better blood move.

11. Reduce stress

Reducing stress is crucial for improving birth outcomes. A pregnant woman should avoid this, they can recruit their near and dear ones to reduce her stress.

12. Plan the proper time to get pregnant

This not only causes that women should make secure that they are healthy before they become pregnant, but they also should think about their age before getting pregnant. Mothers who have children too early in life (earlier than 16-years-old), or late in life (older than 40) are at greater fear for having untimely birth. Also, women who become pregnant again too shortly (less than 18 months in between births) are even more likely to have a premature baby.

The more you think about the news, the better the child will be, and this time you will not watch all the scary movies and TV serials that create tension.
More important than not reading such books or news is to completely eliminate all social media including Facebook and do not use the internet unless absolutely necessary.

That means you will be completely free from the virtual virus.

Always speak well and think well when you have time to read Al-Quran Bangla. How to read the rich of the four Asifs of the conventional religion, how to read the Buddhist path.

Economic and religious consciousness Religious feelings like having sex in the womb as a child, taking white part as long as possible, as well as following the advice of doctors to eat the necessary nutritious food.
You will see the beautiful nature, you will see the beautiful pictures, you will see the urgent look, you will keep the kind of picture of the child you want in the room where the eyes go, you will see the pictures of the mother of a beautiful healthy child floating, inshallah it will be exactly like that.

And those who will be around will be the mother-in-law conference and their puppy until the baby is born and then the baby information will be as intelligent and appreciatively wise as you can keep me answering.

What types of responsibilities husbands and families?

During pregnancy, a woman is overwhelmed with emotion. In addition to the joy of seeing a baby, there are some unpleasant things like nausea, morning sickness, fatigue, and many more. In this period women are going through some mental changes. Sometimes they are happy sometimes they are sad or scared. This time women need mental and psychological support from her husband and family members. During this time a husband increases his responsibility towards his wife. Because the wife is next to her husband at this time. this time pregnant woman also needs her family's support. a family can do many things for her especial period. family members can care for her health, also look over her happiness .after all a family can ensure a total package for a pregnant woman.



Every pregnancy is wondrous and unique. It should be an important yet joyous experience for you and your family.. so everyone should care for a pregnant woman.